In His Image

Kingdom Reflections

Book 1 of The Body Codes Series

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Book - In His Image We have been created in the image of an incomprehensibly immense, timeless, eternal, invisible God who is out there, up there, over there, and right here, all at the same time. God is not confined by His own creation nor by we, His creatures, who are made in His image. The image of a three-dimensional object is confined to just the two dimensions of the flat mirror that reflects the 3D reality.  The 2D reflected image in the flat plane of the mirror cannot comprehend the fullness of the 3D full object out in the real 3D world.

John 1:3-5 states this best, “All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made. In him was life; and the life was the light of men. And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not.”

We are created in the IMAGE of God. Even the building blocks of life are right-handed and left-handed mirror-image molecules, just as our body’s right side is the mirror image of its left side. Relative to the infinite dimensions of our Creator, we are relatively flat physical creatures, temporarily confined to the finite surface of our time-space-matter mirror.

We see through a glass darkly. That darkness limits our vision, especially into the future. We are confined to the present, blind to the future, and can't go back into the past. Our lack of future visual acuity is the root cause of the three most important conflicts that disrupt every belief system on Earth; especially the Judeo-Christian Faith. These three conflicts still divide the faith because of the same fundamental misperception. The three variances are; Faith versus Works, Grace versus Law, and Freewill versus Predestination. Faith versus Works was the core issue of Martin Luther's 95 Thesis nailed to the Wittenberg Door that still divides Catholics and Protestants. Presumption on God's grace conflicts with the dogmatic slavery of legalism and often separates Charismatics from Mainline Protestants. But the poster-child of these three apparent contradictions is Freewill versus Predestination, primarily because it is the easiest of the three to talk about. All three of these divisive conundrums are mutually exclusive yet exist at the same time.

Each set of horns on these three dilemmas are paired off as; one that is right and the other wrong; or one that is true and the other false. It is impossible for both right and wrong or true and false to coexist at the same time, yet that is precisely how we are caught on the horns of these dilemmas. Most of us along with a myriad of theologians try to reconcile the differences by awkwardly calling them anachronisms; Predestination at a particular time and circumstance or Freewill at another time and circumstance. But is there even the possibility that both sides of these dilemmas might always be true all the time? Not on the 2D flat plane of our finite world. But, just as Quantum Mechanics resolved classic Newtonian Physics conundrums so also is there a way for us, here in the darkness on the back side of the mirror to comprehend the infinite dimensions of our Creator in Eternity. We know there is an answer to our finite confusion about infinity, because of Ecclesiastes  3:1a where it says, “He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the human heart . . .”

This book will resolve the Catch-22 between mutually exclusive yet simultaneously true Freewill and Predestination. If you have ever wondered about the will of God versus the exercise of your freewill, this book is for you. You will either reconcile Freewill all the time with Predestination all time; or learn why we may be too dumb to understand it, stuck on the flatness of our limited time-space-matter "mirror" on this side of eternity.



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