Aleph Bet Soup

Foreword By Yacov Rambsel:

Aleph Bet Soup - Buy Now On AmazonALEPH-BET SOUP is a unique and exciting approach to the basic Hebrew and Greek biblical text. Dr. Thurston's easy-to-understand analysis brings to light a richly balanced King's Feast that beckons us to come and dine at the Master's table. In this book you will enjoy nibbling at the many examples of delicious revelations deciphered from the ancient texts, which you may have suspected were there, but that seemed to be tantalizingly just out of your reach.
As you read through these magnificent pages of deeply spiritual enlightenment, you will discover the awesome Word of God explained in a manner that is unequaled in the literary field of Bible codes. Dr. Thurston, utilizing his medical expertise and his unique and witty style of presentation, takes you step by step through his analysis of the Bible in such a delightful way that even a child could understand this subject matter.
You have heard the saying, if you are sick or weak in body, eat a bowl of chicken soup, but I say, if you are weak or sick in the spiritual realm, consume ALEPH-BET SOUP for a delight to your soul that will bring complete healing to your inner man. Dr. Thurston's brilliantly composed book is a well-balanced meal of spiritual vitamins and minerals, bringing nourishment and new life to your thirsty and hungry soul. It was inspired by his deep love and holy respect for the Word of God. The mini lesson below should help you understand one of many reasons why Dr. Thurston has a passion for the Holy Scriptures.
The Hebrew Aleph-Bet comprises twenty-two letters. This equates to the astonishing fact that the human body also is designated with twenty-two amino acids, all of which are vital to a healthy and productive life on earth. The biblical Hebrew text, which uses those twenty-two letters, is precisely written with a uniquely interwoven mathematical system; yet it retains a poetical and musical sound as you listen to a fluent speaker of the language. Its message is consistent throughout, as it invites the reader to linger at the Master's buffet table of spiritual insights, eating and digesting soul-satisfying thoughts of eternal life.
Finally, I encourage you, dear reader, to consume this wonderful, spiritual food with an attitude of open-mindedness and a hungry, searching heart. So, let us sit down together at the Master's table, relax, and sip our Aleph-Bet Soup. It is for you, because it is just what the doctor ordered!
In Psalm 34:8, the Lord admonishes us to taste of Him. "O taste and see that the Lord is good: blessed is the man that trusteth in him." - Yacov Rambsel
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