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Our goal is to provide believers with evidence to support their Christian faith and eventually provide seekers with convincing proof of Biblical truth.

Feel free to contact us with your questions, comments and suggestions. If you have information, photo's or maps to unpublished archeological or scientific finds please feel free to send a copy of those materials to us for examination and discussion at proof@evidences.net.


Evidences is a group of like-minded believers dedicated to verifying the Word of God; in our hearts, in our minds, and in our lives. But mostly in our minds. Believers are allowed to think.
We are a Christian apologetics and Biblical institute committed to a scientific and historical understanding of Scripture; so that the authority and absolute reliability of the Bible may be restored in our daily lives and lead us to a personal relationship with its Author.
Dr. Charles J. Thurston, MD is an accomplished scholar, speaker, author, radio host and physician who reads the Bible way too much.


Your Donations:
Each month many of you help us operate and fund our outreach with your tax deductible gifts. It is important to know that of late we have dropped off a bit and need your help to move forward. Contact the offices of Evidences Biblical Institute at (740) 655-3104 or email us at chuck@evidences.net

Coming Back in April: Evidences Think-Radio will be back on the air coming this April for our 7th season. Keep tuned to our web site until then!

Check This Out : Chuck was recently asked to put together a series of one minute messages about God, creation, and the Bible from a medical doctor's perspective. What has come out is an amazing series of sound bites that you will be blessed by and that you don't want to miss! Here's a sample:

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